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Whether you are arriving to the UAE to start a new life, moving from a Studio apartment to a bigger apartment, moving to your dream house in Palm Jumeirah, relocating to London or moving across the emirate to Abu Dhabi – Capital City Movers is the moving company that will make sure that its the Right Move for you.

Our experienced local movers know every corner of UAE like their pocket. Let us relocate your belongings from one part of the city to another with ease. In no time, you are ready to start living comfortable at your new home.


Emma Williams on 04 Dec 2023 rated 4
Arriving in the UAE for a new chapter in my life was made easier with Capital City Movers. Their local movers not only knew the area well but also ensured a smooth transition to my new home. From a Studio apartment to a bigger one, their expertise shone through. I appreciate the professionalism and reliability of Capital City Movers.
Hassan Al-Mansoori on 04 Dec 2023 rated 5
Capital City Movers proved to be the right choice for my local move within the UAE. Their experienced local movers knew the city inside out, making the relocation quick and efficient. The professionalism and care they exhibited while handling my belongings were commendable. I'm grateful for their services and would recommend them to anyone making a move, big or small.
Emily Turner on 04 Dec 2023 rated 5
Relocating to London seemed like a daunting task, but Capital City Movers turned it into a seamless experience. Their expertise in international moves was evident, and the transition was smooth from start to finish. The team's attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction made the move comfortable and stress-free.

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